Ferrari Rental Dubai

  • Ferrari 458 Spider

    As one of our nicest, fastest and most exciting vehicles you can rent Ferrari 458 Spider at wraith rent a cars. Experience for yourself what it's like to sit in a moving eye-catcher. Even from a distance, the Ferrari 458 Spider announces impressive on by his legendary sound, like few can produce it as another automobile.All who look around in wonder after him are charmed by typical Ferrari style. Italian temperament with 570 PS is just right for you? Then you should Ferrari 458 Spider for rent!

  • Ferrari 458 Italia

    Spend an unforgettable weekend with him "on the road", you go on a truly lively jaunt or rent the Ferrari 458 Italia for weddings, parties or proms. For such a hot-blooded Italians always goes down well! Contact the team of Ferrari Hire from wraith rent a car for your personal reservation of the Ferrari 458 Italia.

  • Ferrari 488 GTB

    For 2015, the new Ferrari 488 GTB was presented as a successor to the 458 Italia, which will henceforth be sold as a new mid-engined sports car. The nomenclature of the Ferrari 488 Maranello of the forge goes back to the naming of the 70s, which is derived on the displacement per cylinder. For the first time 488 GTB a mid-engine is inflated with a turbocharger to deliver the required performance for the sports car in the Ferrari after the legendary F40 again.

  • Ferrari California T

    Ferrari California T 3.9-liter V8 And so we're back to our crucial issue, the turbo engine. With the previous 4.3-liter suction the new 3.9-liter V8 has just the number of cylinders and the 180 degree offset crankshaft common. The latter is actually an important component for the typical Ferrari sound.

  • Ferrari FF

    The Ferrari FF was presented as an official Ferrari Scaglietti successor at the Geneva Motor Show 2011 in early 2011 and follows on from the trend of the four-seater sports car, like the Porsche Panamera, Maserati Quattroporte or Aston Martin Rapide. Contrary to the sports cars of the competitors, the Ferrari FF with only 2 doors coming out and signed by Pininfarina design a lifestyle estate car or Shooting Brake by.

  • Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

    The interior of the new or used sports car is comfortable and very nobly: High-grade leather on the seats, the elements carbon and aluminum and high-tech details characterize the interior of the super sports car. For driving the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta provides a