VIP luxury car rental Dubai airport with driver

November 30, 2016 wraithrentacar

VIP luxury car rental Dubai airport with driver

Do you want to impress your business contacts while attending the Business Meeting in Dubai? At any Rate!!! Rent a super luxury car in the ambit of Ferrari, Lamborghini and Rolls Royce. The splendid arrival in a luxury car will make you the ‘spotlight’ in the business meets. Being the city of fantasy; it is always exciting to drive luxury or sports car through the busy roads in Dubai. A high standard service and well arranged pick up in luxury car from the Dubai Airport is acquired.  Grab your kind of ride in a luxury car from top most automobile brands for the ultimate show off.

The quality services are of high standard and deliver the car of preferred model, color and present in pristine condition. Moreover, from the hectic schedule of Business meeting in Dubai you can sit back and relax with proficient chauffeur service. We strive to match your expectation with well trained chauffeurs and high end service to ensure safe ride. Avail the preferred choice of luxury car or sports car rental from our large fleet of prestige cars. Visit wraithrentacar otherwise make a call.

We Have All The Cars For Rental Dubai

November 15, 2016 wraithrentacar

Luxury Car Rental Dubai Airport with Driver

Dubai is one of the modern and elegant cities in the Middle East. Dubai is attracting travelers across the world in large numbers. Since Dubai is one of the prominent business center of the world, it will be hectic for travelers. In order to get around the city at your own speed and pace, car rental is the best option.
First of all hiring the cars from right place will be a daunting task. The search for rental car service usually ends at Wraith Rent a Car. So if you have an International Driving License, you can hire rental cars at cheap rates. You can choose various cars for rental depending on the budget and comfort.
Luxury Car Rental Dubai
If you plan to go for a Business conference, choose cars from greatest collection of luxury rental cars. Our luxury car fleet includes Phantom, Rolls Royce Ghost, Audi A8 etc. In addition to that we offers a chauffeur service as well.
Sports Car Rental Dubai
If you are planning for a party, hire the sports car that suits the occasion. So you can rove across the streets of Dubai in Ferrari 458, Mercedes GTS, Lamborghini Aventador etc. We promise that it will probably give you an unforgettable driving experience to Dubai.
Hence if want to hire cars from right persons, you can also contact our reservation center at the email address or +971 55 535 6789.


How about a long ride in Lamborghini in Dubai??

November 9, 2016 wraithrentacar

Lamborghini Rental Dubai

Follow your passion and contrive perfection in every aspect. Its authentic design reflects the unrivaled elegance among the other popular models in field. The power enhanced with 6.5 liter v-12 engine putting out 515 kw(700cv) meets the conceit and opulence of Lamborghini. Lamborghini rental Dubai sets to offer variant best cars in market like Lamborghini aventador roadster. Lamborghini aventador, Lamborghini huracan, Lamborghini gallardo. Wraith rent a car ceases to acquire the best available service for sports car rental Dubai and luxury car rental Dubai . It manages to provide the best without compromising with performance. If you love Ferrari over Lamborghini, visit Ferrari Rental Dubai.

Although being in single clutch automation. LAMBORGHINI enables faster gear switching. Whatever may be the instance. comfort and luxury remain the constant pinnacle. Visit Wraith rent a car to get over the perplex decision of choosing luxury sports car. At times even the Sporty and luxury drives doesn’t go in pace with as the preference of people constantly undergo transformation. Wraith rent a car stands by to resolve the dilemma with the most elegant models of LAMBORGHINI class. Take a glance at Wraith Rent a Car to make your day.


Why go for ordinary if you can rent a Ferrari in dubai UAE?

November 9, 2016 wraithrentacar

Ferrari Rental Dubai

Make your day splendid with luxurious rides, Experience the charm in moving at wraith rent a cars. When it comes to a legendary drive, Ferrari makes up a spell bound arrival, with its stunning design, perpetual style and performance. Ferrari rental Dubai. The ultimate power and performance of the Ferrari is epitomized. WRAITH Luxury and Sports Car Rental, Dubai makes you seize the attention of onlookers with its variant of best cars like Ferrari 458 spider, Ferrari 458 Italia, Ferrari California T, Ferrari FF, Ferrari F12 BERLINETTA. Pickup your engrossed drive with the Ferrari rental cars and produce a soothing and relaxed drive.


We focus both on Ferrari Rental Dubai as well as Lamborgini Rental Dubai to make sure the pleasure of luxurious as well as thrilling sporty rides. Wraith Luxury and Sports Car Rental, Dubai reveals the touch of sophistication with the styling elements of Pininfarina design. Ferrari rental Dubai quenches your urge to get the roads on fire with its style status and wheel drive. Ferrari range of sports car claims the fastest four seat automobile. Visit Wraith rent a car if you are baffled; while choosing our vivid range of sports and luxury cars. Quit the weary search links and click Wraith rent a car for ease and pleasure drive.


Want To Rent A Luxury Sport Car For Moving Around In Dubai??

November 8, 2016 wraithrentacar

Luxury Car Rental Dubai

Wraith Rent a Car offers you an amazing luxury and sports car rental service at an affordable price. Wraith Rent a Car eases your way around anywhere in UAE with an anytime car service according to your requirement. Prefer Luxury car or an amazing sports car, we have a wide collection of elegant and aesthetic cars which excels in uplifting comfort level along with the reputation . For Luxury car rental we provide variable models of best cars out there from market like Audi S8, Porsche, Bentley Mulsanne and many others.
Choose the ride that befits you most efficiently. Similarly we have a different and wide range for sports car rental like Mercedes S500, S400, Lamborghini and many other brands, you could opt in accordance to your mood swings. So no matter whether your problem is to find a sports car rental Dubai or find a luxury car rental Dubai, For mor details visit Wraith Rent a Car. We ensure to solve your Ifs and buts’ in choice with our technician’s proficient insight. We also offer expertise chauffeurs service in need. Drive your ride anywhere you want, be it home or hotel or anywhere you may want to go ignoring perturb of hectic drive. Also feel a delightful ride if you wish to enjoy the pleasure of driving your own car. So stop searching as enjoying a luxurious ride is just a click away.


5 Reasons to rent a luxurious Lamborghini Aventador??

April 22, 2016 wraithrentacar

Lamborghini Aventador

Statically a riders mindsets view every aspect of the ride. Lamborghini Aventador coupe is technically a rider’s fantasy.
Lamborghini Aventador with a sport friendly speed and acceleration is a perfect driver car. Unlike its predecessor, the removable roof is not made of cloth , but of two separate carbon roof halves . Each has a weight of six kilograms and both can be easily stowed in the boot.
• Aventador roadster is reviewed as the most extraordinary car In the company’s 50 year old History, . Visually, the Roadster differs by a redesigned hood and besides, about 50 kilograms heavier than the closed model.
• Meanwhile, the Italian manufacturer has introduced two special models. At the Geneva Motor Show 2012, the Lamborghini Aventador J. presented this vehicle as unique, having neither roof nor a windscreen.
• Aventador Roadster is designed from scratch that suits its own unique stance and abilities. Front and rear aprons are optically changed and the” J” in the model name refers to the Miura Jota. This car has a price of about two million Euros.
• Most of all Lamborghini Aventador LP270-4 is the newly launched vehicle that compensates the early limitations in Lamborghini rental Dubai.
Wraith Rent a Car offers the great opportunity to ride in a Lamborghini Aventador at best price in Dubai. For those who are looking for a dream ride, Lamborghini rental Dubai opens up new doors in rental cars Dubai.
Lamborghini rental Dubai not only gives an extravagant touch but reveals the exotic sportsman in you. Avail the best services and be the one who can enjoy the pleasure of driving the Lamborghini cars you have always dreamed.


Get away from the obscurity in luxury car rental with RANGE ROVER SPORT

April 22, 2016 wraithrentacar

Luxury Car Rental Dubai

It is often a common talk that a grand luxurious drive estimates a high expenditure, eliminating this myth wraith rent a car offers finest fleets of sports rental Dubai. Add a new phase to your sumptuous arrival with Sports rental Dubai who loves bigger, more regal sports cars. The Range Rover Sport is a more stylish derivative of the full-size Range Rover SUV. A five-seat SUV with a body made from aluminum, Range rover is aimed at youngsters. Its competition includes SUVs like the Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class, Porsche Cayenne, and BMW’s X5 and X6.

The Range Rover Sport was most recently redesigned for 2014, with the 2015 model year bringing a new top-performance variant, called the SVR. For 2016, also initiating a breakthrough Range Rover Sport adds two new dimensions to its performance profile: a turbo diesel six and a supercharged HST edition.
The Range Rover Sport supports Choppy ride on rough roads, especially with the larger wheels; heavy steering effort at highway speeds; when compared to other motors Range Rover Sport owns a base engine more impressive in terms of acceleration.


Experience of splendid drive on Ferrari in Dubai

April 22, 2016 wraithrentacar

Ferrari Rental Dubai

The touch of sophistication is highlighted with Ferrari equipped with retractable hardtop of the new F458 Spider as elegantly fitted that the Silhouette will not suffer little. Only when one experience this splendid car, you can see the modified rear end with its distinctive fins that direct air to the V8 rear engine. The engine, however, to see the Coupé under the rear window is hidden from view when Spider.
Ferrari celebrates the Ferrari 458 Spider as the more emotional variant of the F458 closed. When it comes to a legendary drive, Ferrari 458 spider makes up a spell bound arrival, with its stunning design, perpetual style and performance. Thanks to the retractable hardtop can be so now literally enjoy with skin and hair, the acoustic component is at that. When Spider designers have the engine sound actually composed – with the help of a new intake manifold and a new exhaust system.
if you just want to sit back and relax F458, Ferrari rental Dubai gets you the privileged with Ferrari’s 570ps Horse power suit the tracks and mid rear engine combined to hardtop convertibles


Porsche Cayenne

April 22, 2016 wraithrentacar

This is the introduction of GTS and Turbo S nameplates on the new Cayenne platform, and each sees some changes from previous iterations. The GTS loses its naturally aspirated, 4.8-liter V-8, which by now has been caught up with and surpassed from a power standpoint by the new V-6-powered Cayenne S.

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Lamborghini Huracan

April 22, 2016 wraithrentacar

The new Lamborghini Huracán was there ! A feeling as if you had something gained or regained some long Lost . Visually, the Gallardo successor is a stunner . Sharp Aggressive edges wrapped around a mischievous flat body , jacked up on 20 inch aluminum rims . And technically ? What ‘s inside the Italian buffalo fight ? Aspirated art par excellence : 5.2l V10 with 610 PS barking . Indecent. Simply indecent. drive Lamborghini is mandatory for every car fanatic .

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